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Inside Chichibu Festival Museum
Entering the Chichibu Festival Museum, I was taken quickly to a darkened room with a video playing about the history of the Chichibu festival. There were no other visitors and the video was very loud in my ears, compared to the quietness of the museum. (2014/09/27)
Chichibu Festival Recorded Sounds on the Street
Outside the Chichibu Festival Museum, speakers hidden in the garden on the street play festival sounds out to the street. This leaking of sounds from the museum, recreates the sounds of the drums during the festical. At first this is disorienting to the unknown visitor. Where is this sound coming from? It encourages a visitor to enter the museum to learn more about the festival but it also encourages a person to imagine the festival itself around them through sound alone. (2014/09/27)
Chichibu Shrine
Chichibu shrine is the main shrine in the town of Chichibu in Saitama. In this recording, a priest conducts a ceremony for a couple who are kneeled in front of him as she chants and beats a drum. (2014/09/27)

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Shakuhachi - Distant Cry of the Deer

Fri May 06 2016 by Richard Chenhall

The shakuhachi is an end blown flute that has a long history in Japan. Most famously, it was connected to a group of mendicant Buddhist monks in the Edo era, called Komuso, or the “Priests of Nothingness”, who played the shakuhachi for alms in search for enlightenment. While much of...>>

ロ吹き Ro-buki Practice

Wed May 07 2014 by Richard Chenhall
At the beginning of the shakuhachi lesson, the student and teacher play RO together. RO  is the first note on the shakuhachi, played with all finger holes closed.>>

手向 "Tamuke" as student and teacher practice

Wed May 07 2014 by Richard Chenhall
In this recording I am playing a piece called Tamuke (hands folded together in prayer) with my teacher. In a shakuhachi lesson, a student plays the piece they are currently learning to their teacher and then they play this piece together.>>