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Kakashi children at play
Scarecrow children at play in Nagoro, Tokushima. (2015/06/22)
Snow in Iitate
Fukushima in January is covered in deep snow. (2014/01/12)
Minamisoma Campaign
A sound truck in Minamisoma for a female political candidate; the trucks drive through the commercial and residential areas of their constituencies. (2014/01/12)

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福島県飯館村のガイガーカウンター Geiger Counter (Dosimeter) near Iitate Village, Fukushima

Sat May 24 2014 by Carolyn Stevens and Tomohiro Matsuoka
At 2:56 pm on 11 March, 2011, Japan's northeastern coastline experienced a magnitude 9 earthquake, accompanied by a tsunami that hit a 500 kilometre stretch of the coast, and caused meltdowns and hydrogen explosions at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. As of March 2014, the disasters had claimed 15,884 lives, with 6,148 injured and 2,633 people still missing (source).>>