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Matsumoto Station
Arriving to Matsumoto station you can hear the distinctive announcement "Matsumotoo, Matsumotoo". This is a nostalgic announcement signalling to travellers that they have reached a mountain district, a place to relax, enjoy the fresh air and to hike or ski in the mountains. (2014/09/24)
Hikers chat on the train passing Shiojiri.
Many tourist travel to Nagano to hike in the mountains. It is a common site to see older women who are out for the weekend to hike in the mountains. The train is full of young people heading home after school in Matsumoto and the hikers are seated talking loudly. (2014/09/24)

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小学校での給食 Lunch at an elementary school

Wed Jun 18 2014 by Thomas Baudinette and Martin Chenhall
Since the early 20th Century, school lunches (known as kyuushoku) have become a daily tradition in Japanese elementary and junior high schools. They usually consist of a bread roll, a carton or bottle of milk and an inexpensive dish containing protein (such as a fried fish) and increasingly, since the 1980s, rice, soup and popular dishes such as Japanese curry or rissoles called "hanbaagu" (also known as Hamburg steak).>>