Arashiyama Wedding

What a sight in the midst of the splendid bamboo forest walk at Arashiyama: A young couple posing for wedding photos in a stream of light on the wide path. The bride’s long white dress glowed with a brilliant light that appeared to emanate from the bodies of the couple rather than just reflecting the beam that found its way through the thick giant bamboo grove. People spoke quietly and visitors stopped, as I did, to take pictures of the pictures being made - what a perfect moment. It struck me how the attention was pulled away from all the other senses of that place to feast on the special vision there. I now hear the recordings made on the path and notice the crunch of footsteps of passers by, a few bird twirps, the chatter between friends. I remember people posing for selfies, gazing up and walking, the sounds of a passing train or a rickshaw carrying people. But in the sound there is no sense of the drama of this moment, which I captured visually and that sticks, glowing, in my memory.

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