More sounds from Sonic Japan

Pokmeon Go at Yodabashi Camera
Crowds of people playing Pokemon Go at Yodabashi Camera, Shinjuku (2018/09/22)
Ueno Ameyoko
At night, the restaurants, stores and night spots that lie along the elevated tramline, come alive with people (2018/03/29)
Toy Store - Yamashiroya - in Ueno
Night time toy shopping in Ueno - Yamashiroya - a multistory shop (2018/03/29)
Chion-in buddhist temple monk chanting
A monk chants at Chion-in amongst construction work. (2018/03/27)
Ueno Park nighttime - Sakura season
Ueno park at the height of the sakura blooming season - crowded with parties, families and tourists... (2018/03/24)
Sumida River, Kuramae
Sounds of construction, traffic and sirens flow across the river in Kuramae (2018/03/24)
Ramen soup at Genraku restaurant. Kuramae
Gen Ramen at Kuramae, specialising in tonkotsu. (2018/03/24)
Nishijin Factory Sounds
Sounds of a factory in the famed historic textile district in northwest Kyoto. The streets are generally quiet but we can hear the steam used to dye the material being discharged from the chimney (2018/02/22)