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Lunch at Danshu dojo
Silence is maintained during eating at the alcohol treatment centre to give thanks for the meal. (2018/09/18)
Danshukai celebration
Each year the self-help group Danshukai holds a special anniversary meeting, to celebrate the number of years members have maintained their sobriety. At the beginning of the meeting all those attending the event recite Danshukai's steps for gaining sobriety. (2019-04-30)
Ueno Park nighttime - Sakura season
Ueno park at the height of the sakura blooming season - crowded with parties, families and tourists... (2018/03/24)

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Kyoto Jazz Club

Wed Jul 10 2019 by Carolyn Stevens

Last May I travelled to Japan to participate in Professor Hosokawa's 'Otomimikai' (sound and listening research group) at Nichibunken, and as luck would have it, I was there at same time as Professor Merry I White from Boston University. Many know her work Coffee Life in Japan and Perfectly...>>

Nightlife in Shibuya

Thu Jun 09 2016 by Richard Chenhall

“The nightlife is defined by Japanese more what by what it does than by where is exists”, says Anne Allison in her book about Tokyo clubs and bars (Nightwork 1994, p. 33). Accordingly, Sonic Japan features sounds made in various places in the public and private spheres. Sounds heard in...>>