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Soba Restaurant Ebisu Station
At the west exit of Ebisu station, inside the ticket gate is a soba restaurant. It is a small restaurant and customers eat their soba quickly and move on down to the platform or exit into Ebisu to continue their day. (2019/04/13)
Lunch at Danshu dojo
Silence is maintained during eating at the alcohol treatment centre to give thanks for the meal. (2018/09/18)
Old Style Bakery
The sounds of a working bakery in Kyoto. This shop serves 'Showa' style food in a nostalgic setting; the clamour of baking tins behind the counter intermingle with customers' murmuring about the delicious freshly baked bread. (2018/2/22)

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Kyoto Jazz Club

Wed Jul 10 2019 by Carolyn Stevens

Last May I travelled to Japan to participate in Professor Hosokawa's 'Otomimikai' (sound and listening research group) at Nichibunken, and as luck would have it, I was there at same time as Professor Merry I White from Boston University. Many know her work Coffee Life in Japan and Perfectly...>>

Green Tea Cakes and Yobikomi

Fri Jul 21 2017 by Carolyn Stevens

In my recent article ‘Irasshai! Sonic Practice as Commercial Enterprise in Urban Japan’ (Journal of Musicological Research, link here, I observe that recorded versions of yobikomi (calling in customers) are increasing, likely due to cost cutting measure – it’s cheaper to record the company jingle and play it on...>>

Osaka Inside Out

Thu Dec 22 2016 by David Novak

This mix draws from a field recording project undertaken in July 2007 with several collaborators from around the city of Osaka, in the Kansai region of western Honshu, Japan. I asked my friends and colleagues to bring me to places that sounded most like Osaka and the experience of living...>>

Nightlife in Shibuya

Thu Jun 09 2016 by Richard Chenhall

“The nightlife is defined by Japanese more what by what it does than by where is exists”, says Anne Allison in her book about Tokyo clubs and bars (Nightwork 1994, p. 33). Accordingly, Sonic Japan features sounds made in various places in the public and private spheres. Sounds heard in...>>

Sound, sight and taste

Fri Jun 03 2016 by Carolyn Stevens

One of our main themes in this sonic repository is food: the sound of food is often one of the main indicators we use to describe the experience of eating; the crunch of a vegetable or fruit speaks to its freshness, for example. In Japan, the slurping of noodles...>>

築地の場外 Tsukiji's Outer Market: Tokyo's Pantry

Fri May 23 2014 by Carolyn Stevens
Tsukiji is often called 'Tokyo's Pantry'. Located only blocks from Tokyo's glittering Ginza, Tsukiji—the world's largest marketplace for seafood—is a prominent landmark, well known but little understood by most Tokyoites: a supplier for countless fishmongers and sushi chefs, and a popular and fascinating destination for foreign tourists.>>

そば Soba noodles

Wed Apr 02 2014 by Thomas Baudinette and Carolyn Stevens
Soba (buckwheat) noodles are a popular dish in Japan. Served either hot or cold, soba noodles are made from buckwheat and are typically eaten with a broth.>>

大阪の新世界 Shin Sekai (New World) in Osaka

Wed Mar 26 2014 by Thomas Baudinette
Shin Sekai (literally New World in English) is a neighbourhood in Osaka. Originally developed during the 1910s as a modern, fashionable "Western" district, after WW2 the district fell into disrepute and became one of Japan's poorest neighbourhoods.>>

浅草橋での焼き芋 Yakiimo in Asakusabashi

Wed Mar 26 2014 by Thomas Baudinette
During the cooler months, itinerant salesmen roam the streets selling baked potatoes: yakiimo. Similarly to the cries of hi no yojin, the sounds of men wandering the streets chanting "imo.>>

銀座三越前 In front of Mitsukoshi Department Store in Ginza

Wed Mar 26 2014 by Thomas Baudinette
Ginza has long been home to Japan's largest department stores and "brand" fashion boutiques. Strolling along the wide boulevards (the first western style boulevards in Tokyo), a practice known as gin-bura, has long been a custom amongst young couples.>>

浅草の浅草寺 Sensoji Temple in Asakusa

Tue Mar 25 2014 by Thomas Baudientte
Sensoji Temple in Asakusa is Tokyo's oldest and most popular temple and is a popular tourist attraction, drawing in millions of tourists annually. Sensoji is also a popular place for Japanese to pay their respects to the gods during New Year.>>

クリスピー・クリーム・ドーナツ Krispy Kreme Donuts

Fri Aug 16 2013 by Richard Chenhall
The first Krispy Kreme store in Japan was opened at the Shinjuku Station Southern Terrace in 2006, with many more to follow. The first store to be opened outside of Kanto was in Nagoya (2010), followed by a store in Osaka.>>