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Female Announcer
The private and public train industries are still male dominated ones, so this private train from Osaka to Kobe is a refreshing change of pace. Recording taken in transit on the Hanshin line. (2016/10/25)
JR Line West Gate Sapporo Station Ainu Man
At the west gate of the JR Sapporo station, stands a carved full sized figure of an Ainu man. (2017/02/05)
Osaka Train System
A short mix of several recordings made on different train lines and stations in Osaka’s rail system, including the Midosuji subway line, JR Osaka station, Hankyu Umeda Station, and the Hankai tram line. (2007/07/01)

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The Relationship between Sound and Space

Fri Jun 17 2016 by Carolyn Stevens

In this project, we are considering how sound and silence in various places are attended to in specific ways, and the dialogical relationship between sound and space. The mutually constitutive relationship between sound and space means that sounds are made diverse by the distinct characteristics of each place. At the...>>

What is a sonic contour?

Fri Apr 01 2016 by Carolyn Stevens

What are sonic contours?

Contours have been described in various ways within different disciplines, but they are most often associated with visual stimuli. Kent Stevens describes a surface contour as the ‘image of a curve across a physical surface’ that can be formed by a shadow, a marking or a wrinkled...>>

原宿駅での工事:Construction works at Harajuku Station

Wed Apr 02 2014 by Thomas Baudinette
Late one night, after I had spent an enjoyable evening with a friend in Omotesando and Harajuku, I found myself stuck on the platform at Harajuku Station. The station was currently being renovated, and there was very little standing room on the platform- and the platform was busy.>>

新幹線2 Shinkansen bullet trains part 2

Wed Apr 02 2014 by Carolyn Stevens
In the picture below, we find some examples of "sound management" on the shinkansen: this picture depicts the information given to all passengers when they sit down in their seats. In front of them they will immediately see the rules and regulations of riding the shinkansen.>>

新幹線1 Shinkansen bullet trains part 1

Wed Apr 02 2014 by Carolyn Stevens
The super fast shinkansen bullet train network, which can take you from Tokyo to Osaka in a little over three hours, is a famous and ubiquitous image of modern Japanese technological ingenuity. The shinkansen bullet trains were first developed in the 1960s, with the first trunk line opening along the Tokaido (a major land-route connecting Osaka to Nagoya and then Tokyo) in 1964.>>

JR新宿駅南口 South Entrance to JR Shinjuku Station

Wed Aug 14 2013 by Thomas Baudinette
The Shinjuku Station Complex is one of the largest train stations in the world. In 2007, 3.>>

山手線 The Yamanote Line

Wed Aug 14 2013 by Carolyn Stevens
While many train lines track across the greater Tokyo landscape, no train is more iconic than the silver and light green Yamanote-sen (line).  Owned by Japan Railways (JR) and managed by JR Higashi Nihon, the Yamanote is one of the major inner city 'loops' that circles central Tokyo.>>