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Tsukiji 3
A Tsukiji fishmonger selling dried squid at end of the day at discounted prices (2013/09/27)
Tsukiji 2
A Tsukiji tuna seller calling out for customers (2013/09/27)
Tsukiji 1
Tsukiji fishmongers calling out to customers (2013/09/27)

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築地の場外 Tsukiji's Outer Market: Tokyo's Pantry

Fri May 23 2014 by Carolyn Stevens
Tsukiji is often called 'Tokyo's Pantry'. Located only blocks from Tokyo's glittering Ginza, Tsukiji—the world's largest marketplace for seafood—is a prominent landmark, well known but little understood by most Tokyoites: a supplier for countless fishmongers and sushi chefs, and a popular and fascinating destination for foreign tourists.>>